Crop Inputs

Clark Agri Service is a full service crop inputs facility. 


We operate two fertilizer towers for custom blending of the optimal formula to meet your individual field requirements based on soil testing and agronomic recommendations.  Fertilizer can be delivered direct to your farm by our fleet of delivery trucks in bulk or custom blended and bagged in 1 tonne tote bags or 25 kg bags.



The Clark Agri Service facility includes a bulk seed treatment system which allows customization of your seed treatment requirements including insecticides, fungicides and inoculant.  This enables you to make decisions at time of planting based on your immediate needs. 

We currently offer Dekalb and DOW brand soybean seeds through our bulk seed treatment facility and offer Dekalb, DOW & NK brand bagged and tote soybeans and corn seed. A variety of wheat and forage seed options are available.

We offer customized blending of your seed and fertilizer for ease of planting.

Crop Protection:

Through our large certified storage facility we facilitate timely delivery of crop protection products along with bulk deliveries of several crop protection products including Roundup Transorb & Syngenta’s Primextra – delivered to you in convenient totes.

Our facility, fleet and equipment, combined with our excellent team of people dedicated to working side by side with you, will help to optimize your yield potential!