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  • 1994 – Clark Agri Service is formed

    Clark Agri Service was formed in 1994 when the Clark companies purchased the Dunnville Co-op.

  • 1995 - Peninsula Grain is acquired

    In 1995, Peninsula Grain in Wellandport was acquired by Clark Agri Service and in 1998 it was completely renovated into a modern grain handling facility.

  • 1999 – Clark Agri-Service is centralized in Wellandport

    In 1999, the Clark Agri Service facility in Wellandport was expanded and modernized.  Wellandport became the sole location for Clark Agri Service supplying fertilizer, crop protection, seed and grain handling services including marketing, transportation, storage and drying; as well as agronomy support to area farmers including soil analysis and crop input planning.

  • 2003 – Facility is expanded

    In 2003, the Wellandport facility was expanded with the addition of a bulk soybean and seed treatment center.

  • 2004 - Clark Agri Service takes over operations of Skyway Fertilizer

    Clark Agri Service took over operations of Skyway Fertilizer in 2004 and added an additional 400 tonne fertilizer tower as well as a fertilizer bagging center to service the tender fruit industry.

  • 2010 - Seed treatment facility is expanded

    In 2010, the seed treatment facility was expanded through the addition of four new bulk bins which doubled its capacity.

  • 2012 - Critical crop planning and marketing options for Identity Preserved soybeans are added to the list of services offered

    In 2012, Clark Agri Service expanded our commitment to the growing demand for Identity Preserved (I.P.) soybeans, adding critical crop planning and marketing options for I.P. soybean crops to the list of services.

  • 2015 - John Deer Spinner Box unit is added to custom application fleet

    Clark Agri Service added a John Deer Spinner Box unit to its custom application fleet.

  • 2016 – Coming Soon

    At Clark Agri Service we continue to invest in our operation to make it a leader in agricultural services.  Our latest investment will begin in December of 2015 and consist of a full upgrade of our two fertilizer towers, associated drag conveyors, off-loading pits, storage capacity and bagging services.  A few advantages that will result from these upgrades and additions will be increasing our turnaround time and throughput of fertilizer:  we will be able to unload a typical 40 ton trailer in approximately 20 minutes compared to the current 40 minutes & have two locations for unloading.  We will also be doubling our onsite fertilizer storage which again will benefit our customer by reducing wait time in the busy fertilizer seasons.  With the addition of six load out bins of 150MT each, we will be able to pre-mix custom fertilizer blends and have these available to our clients or our custom application equipment.  By completing these upgrades, it will dramatically improve fertilizer handling and ultimately customer service through faster service for those customers that pick up their fertilizer as well as speedier deliveries through our own fleet of custom application equipment.