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Clark Update – Got Fleabane? You’ve got options!

March 01, 2016

Got Fleabane? You’ve got options!

No-tilling your soybean crop? Pair Eragon LQ and a surfactant with roundup in your spring burndown for a quick knockdown of emerged Canada fleabane. Save $0.50/ac on purchases of 80 acres+ by watching BASF’s short video and filling out your contact info! Note that there are discounts to be had on their entire Kixor lineup! https://agro.basf.ca/kixor/offer.html

Need residual? Add Sencor to the mix for longer residual control. Or try DuPont’s Canopy Pro co-pack (Classic + Sencor) and save $4/ac if ordered by March 11th, 2016!

Looking for something new? Monsanto recently launched their new Xtend soybeans that are tolerant to dicamba. Pair with one of the above technologies for a multiple mode of action approach, or spray in crop to control emerged fleabane if necessary!

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