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Precision Agriculture Services

Precision Agriculture

Our Precision Agriculture team has all the tools and the latest technology available to help you maximize your farm’s potential. The first step to maximizing your farm potential is by measuring variability – this can be done using historical yield data, drone or satellite imagery, soil EC scanning, or through intensive soil sampling. Once you have determined the extent of your field variability, we have the tools and software to help you manage it. Whatever your goal – creating management zones for variable-rate fertilizer or lime, variable-rate N scripts, or variable-rate planting scripts – we’re here to help you to understand all the newest technology.

GPS Mapping

At Clark, we use Summit and Sirrus, the most advanced agriculture software on the market to help growers extend their farming capabilities – enabling efficient creation of field maps, collecting sample results to create customized planting, fertility recommendations, and management zones.

Drone Flights

Our precision agriculture specialists use the most up-to-date technology, including drone imagery, to get a holistic look at your farming operations. We will survey your site, then work toward making recommendations that will help to optimize your farm’s output for years to come.

Soil Sampling

We make educated fertilizer recommendations based on soil texture, soil fertility, and crop requirements. Our team will take samples, analyze the results, and help growers create long-term fertilizer plans – working with you to create management zones within a field based on topography, yield performance and sustainability considerations.

Crop Check Scouting Program

Our team of knowledgeable, well trained Scouts assist growers by walking fields of corn, wheat and soybeans during critical stages of development. Armed with industry leading technology and resources, they identify weeds, insects and diseases, then create detailed reports that are based on the latest science for you to implement.