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Clark has been offering agricultural services for over a quarter century, but our roots in Ontario farming go back almost 100 years. The Clark family is made up of passionate people delivering quality products and services. We are committed to continuously developing our offerings in a safe and dynamic environment – dedicated to finding innovative solutions that are beneficial to growers, the natural environment, and the agri-food industry. Our team provides expert agronomy, AG retail, grain marketing, and precision AG services to help you plan your crop inputs and achieve maximum yields.

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Since 1994, we’ve been operating Clark Agri Services from our home in Wellandport, ON. From custom blended fertilizer to a variety of seed products, grain storage and marketing to agronomy services – we’re ready to help you make the best of what nature has to offer throughout the Niagara Region and all surrounding counties.


With our newest location in Waterford, we’re able to serve Niagara through to Haldimand, Wentworth, Brant and Norfolk counties. Clark Agri Service is also your source for horticultural needs including greenhouse, orchard, vineyard and other specialty crops like vegetables, canola, hemp, potatoes, ginseng and tobacco.

Our History

Field of Wheat

Clark Agri Service is formed

Clark Agri Service was formed in 1994 when the Clark companies purchased the Dunnville Co-op.

Grain Silos

Peninsula Grain is acquired

In 1995, Peninsula Grain in Wellandport was acquired by Clark Agri Service and in 1998 it was completely renovated into a modern grain handling facility.

Aerial view of a farm

Clark Agri-Service is centralized in Wellandport

In 1999, the Clark Agri Service facility in Wellandport was expanded and modernized. Wellandport became the sole location for Clark Agri Service supplying fertilizer, crop protection, seed and grain handling services including marketing, transportation, storage and drying; as well as agronomy support to area farmers including soil analysis and crop input planning.

Grain silos

Facility is expanded

In 2003, the Wellandport facility was expanded with the addition of a bulk soybean and seed treatment center.

Bags of fertilizer in a warehouse

Clark Agri Service takes over operations of Skyway Fertilizer

Clark Agri Service took over operations of Skyway Fertilizer in 2004 and added an additional 400 tonne fertilizer tower as well as a fertilizer bagging center to service the tender fruit industry.

Crop field

Seed treatment facility is expanded

In 2010, the seed treatment facility was expanded through the addition of four new bulk bins which doubled its capacity.

Hand holding plant leaf

Critical crop planning and marketing options for Identity Preserved soybeans are added to the list of services offered

In 2012, Clark Agri Service expanded our commitment to the growing demand for Identity Preserved (I.P.) soybeans, adding critical crop planning and marketing options for I.P. soybean crops to the list of services.

Tractor in field

John Deere Spinner Box unit is added to custom application fleet

Clark Agri Service added a John Deere Spinner Box unit to its custom application fleet.

Tall feed structures

Clark Agri Service Expands Fertilizer Operation

In the spring of 2016, Clark Agri Service, expanded their fertilizer storage, mixing, and distribution operation in the Niagara Region to ensure larger capacity and faster service to all of their valued customers.

Machinery in field

Hagie is added to custom application fleet

Clark Agri Service has added a Hagie STS 14 sprayer to their fleet. 120’ booms with 72” of clearance, 60’ Y-Drops, and is Climate FieldView compatible. It gives better coverage than aerial application and has adjustable pressure tires to reduce compaction.

Clark Waterfod Office

Clark Agri Service concludes acquisition of La Coop federee's Waterford, Ontario crop input retail location

Clark Agri Service is pleased to announce the successful purchase of the former Cargill crop input retail location based in Waterford, ON. We are excited to integrate with the loyal customers and employees of the Waterford location and expand our reach to Norfolk County.

Clark Egg Farms

Clark Egg Farms has operated an egg production facility in Haldimand County since 1981. We’ve evolved dramatically since then and are now operating with the most modern “enriched housing” production equipment available. We continue to explore and invest each year in industry leading technologies, managing our facilities with great care, ensuring that our hen health and welfare is maximized each and every day. Our team works hard, day after day to produce nutritious eggs of the highest quality for Canadians from coast to coast.

Clark Poultry Farms

Clark Poultry Farms has operated several facilities, growing broiler chickens and tom turkeys since 1984. Always forward thinking, we’ve been implementing exciting changes throughout our history. Operating as a division of Clark Poultry Farms, our Clark farming operations produce several acres of cash crop corn, soybeans, wheat, and straw each year in the Haldimand and Norfolk counties area. As one of our several commitments to sustainability, all manure generated from our poultry operations is applied as a nutrient rich fertilizer on all our farming acres.

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Interested to Learn More About Chicken and Turkey Production?