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Clark Update – 100 Bushel Wheat? We’ll help!

March 01, 2016

100 Bushel Wheat? We’ll help!

This year’s wheat crop looks amazing so far! Let’s help it along with these key steps:

  1. Split apply N – there’s a tremendous amount of tillers out there, by applying nitrogen in two applications we can meet the needs of this year’s crop without promoting too much tillering and subsequent lodging
  2. Weed control – an open fall and winter puts fields as risk of heavy pressure from winter annuals. Be sure to choose the correct herbicide for use in your field whether underseeded or not.
  3. Fungicide – an early application of fungicide will be critical to protect plants from leaf diseases and keep stalks strong to prevent lodging. A second pass at heading prevents your 100 bushel wheat from being downgraded due to fusarium!
  4. Scout – let our crop scouts help you determine the correct time to apply fungicide to get the best disease protection possible!

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