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Crop Corner – Clark Crop Check Program

May 02, 2016

Have you ever wondered ‘what that weed is’ or discovered disease or insects too late after crop damage has occurred?  If so, maybe it’s time that we chat.  At Clark Agri Service we offer a free agronomy and crop scouting service to any of our growers who purchase the majority of their crop inputs through our company.  In return, this value-added service provides an extra set of eyes (and legs!) to scout your crop throughout the growing season.

How it works:

We provide crop inspections at critical growth stages for wheat, corn, soybeans and forages.  For example: timing for a Fusarium Head Blight fungicide application (ie. Prosaro, Caramba) in winter wheat is critical- we will walk your fields to determine the crop stage and recommend the optimal timing for application so that you get the best response from your fungicide application.  We will provide a full written report for each field scouted and the corresponding agronomic recommendations.  In addition to routine field walks, we provide scouting services for crop emergencies such as aphids, army worms or replant situations.  The written field reports can become a handy tool for crop planning in the future, for example you can build a better weed control program based on the weed spectrum or ‘problem weeds’ our scouts identified.

How to sign up:

Contact your Sales Agronomist at Clark Agri Service.  We will have a quick meeting to discuss your crop needs and create field maps.  Throughout the season, our team consisting of your Sales Agronomist, myself and our summer crop scouts will aim to identify pests and inspect your crops.  It’s that easy!

This Crop Corner has been written by Melody Robinson, Sales Agronomist at Clark Agri Service.  Melody can be reached by email mrobinson@clarkagriservice.com or by phone 289-775-1188