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Crop Corner – Foliar Disease in Soybeans

July 03, 2015

With all the rain Southern Ontario has received recently a number of foliar diseases are popping up in soybeans, including two of the most common early season diseases: Bacterial Blight and Septoria Brown Spot.

Bacterial Blight is a pathogen that is seed borne and can overwinter on soybean debris in the field.  The relatively cool temperatures together with wind and rain has been ideal for this disease.  Bacterial Blight can be identified by small brown angular lesions with a yellow halo.

Septora Brown Spot is another disease that is very common throughout the area.  It is caused by a fungus which resides in overwintered soybean leaf and stem debris.  During rainfall events, spores of Septoria are splashed from the debris up into the lower canopy of the plant and cause the brown spot symptoms.

Management of these diseases includes the practice of crop rotation to corn, wheat, other small grains and alfalfa.  Tillage, where possible can assist in breaking down residue and thereby reducing subsequent overwintering of disease inoculum.

Fungicides such as Quilt and Stratego Pro are also effective in controlling these diseases along with other infections such as frog-eye. These products are convenient to use and can be tank mixed with herbicides which can cut down the passes with the sprayer.  If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at Clark Agri Service!

This Crop Corner has been written by John Welsh, Sales Agronomist at Clark Agri Service.  John can be reached by email jwelsh@clarkagriservice.com or by phone 905-984-9351