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Crop Corner – Take the Crop Booster Challenge

June 05, 2015

Money back guarantees have always excited me during my lifetime, so this challenge from the Crop Booster manufacturers Axter is especially exciting.  Research done at the University of Guelph and McGill College in Montreal has shown tremendous yield increases to corn and soybeans when Crop Booster was added to the spray tank with various herbicides.  Crop Booster added to a Halex corn herbicide program post-emergent added 5 to 10 bushels of yield per acre over several years of trials.  Soybooster added to a glyphosate post emergent spray treatment gave a yield increase of 2 to 3 bushels per acre.

Crop Booster and Soy Booster are bio-stimulants, working to boost the plants response to stress and help restart the plants metabolism after being exposed to stressful events like a herbicide application.  A side by side trial on your own farm will show you what the researchers at Guelph and McGill are saying!  Axter is giving you a performance guarantee stating that you will make enough extra yield to cover the cost of the product or they will refund your purchase of the Crop Booster.  At the recommended rate of 0.8 liters/acre for either product, you are looking at a cost of about $5.00 per acre for this investment.

To be eligible for the money back guarantee you need to sign up for the program through our office before June 12 and the maximum acreage allowed on this guarantee program is 250 acres of corn or beans.  Talk to your Clark Sales rep about the other benefits that Crop Booster has shown over the years especially when spraying young alfalfa plants with a strong herbicide like Embutox. The alfalfa regrowth observed over the years has been incredible when Crop Booster was added to the spray tank, especially in stressful years when excess soil moisture or drought conditions prevailed during the weed control period.  Take the challenge and fill out the form from your sales rep!

This Crop Corner has been written by Jerry Winnicki, Agronomy Manager at Clark Agri Service.  Jerry can be reached by email jwinnicki@clarkagriservice.com or by phone 905-736-1426