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24/7 Urgent Support

Fertilizer Blending & Solutions

Fertilizer Solutions

Clark Ag Systems provides growers across southern Ontario with the fertilizer nutrients your soils require, and has done so for over 25 years. From the most basic of nutrients like potash, to the newest and much more complex micronutrient blends, our Agronomic teams can develop a prescription that’s right for your soil and crop needs. We specialize in custom blending for both dry and liquid fertilizer applications.

Fertilizer Blending

Individual soils and crops require unique nutrients. Our team will work with you to develop a fertilizer blend that best fulfills the needs of your farm, promoting overall crop growth and resilience. We have state of the art blending towers in both our Wellandport and Waterford locations to ensure you get the right blend accurately and on to your fields quickly. And we can do it for both bulk or custom mixed bags or totes.

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Fertilizer Truck Delivery

Fertilizer Delivery

If you don’t have your own fertilizer equipment, don’t worry. Clark Agri has a large fleet of heavy truck tender units and field spreaders that can get your bulk fertilizer to your field when you need it – on your terms. We will even apply it for you with our Custom Ap equipment too! Contact us to discuss all of our capabilities.