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October 02, 2017

As the beginning of harvest dawns upon us and crops begin to be harvested, the planning for the 2018 planting season begins. With the above average yields that the 2017 season is promising, we can also expect a higher than usual nutrient removal from the soil.  Depending on the crops you planted, the fall is often an excellent time to replenish nutrients for the following year.  Whether you are able to source manure, amendments or commercial fertilizer, it is important that we continue to maintain the nutrient bank in our soils.  It is also of key importance to maximize your dollar spent while doing it in the most environmentally friendly way possible.  Whether it be in the form of a cover crop, erosion barrier or a tillage pass, it is important that we keep that nutrient on the farm.

Following crop removal, the fall is also a great time to test soil to see where your nutrient levels are at.  As you run your combine throughout your fields keep note of problem areas that should be sampled to determine if they have a nutrient problem. Once tested, applying nutrients this fall or next spring will allow for better management strategies.  Zones and grid soil samples are another way to sample farms, allowing for a more in-depth view on yield limiting factors.  

Contact your sales agronomist or the Clark office to arrange field sampling this fall. 

Continue to have a safe harvest as we wrap up the 2017 growing season.

This Crop Corner has been written by Jake Elgersma, Sales Agronomist at Clark Agri Service.  Jake can be reached by email jelgersma@clarkagriservice.com or by phone 289-659-5747