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Johanna Lindeboom, CCA

Sales Agronomist

Johanna joined the Clark Agronomy team in Fall 2017. Johanna provides agronomic support to growers in both Haldimand and Wentworth counties. Johanna graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in Environmental Sciences in 2016, quickly followed by her CCA certification in 2017. Johanna began her career as a crop scout, and spent six growing seasons helping farmers to make integrated pest management decisions in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. She has experience with a wide range of crops from corn and soybeans to canola and lentils, and has a keen eye for quantifying insect thresholds. Johanna enjoys learning about regional variations in crop production and has developed a passion for identifying plants thanks to her participation in the North-Eastern Weed Science Competition. Her favourite activity is being outside and on her feet, be it in the field or in the forest.